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Can I tell you a secret? Recently I haven’t been excited to cook. I always get excited when it’s time to pick out the recipes and meals I’ll eat during the week, but when it’s Wednesday night and actually time to cook… I just don’t want to. And after dinner, I really don’t want to do all those dishes. It’s annoying, because cooking and baking used to be so exciting for me. It was a creative outlet when I was stuck writing research papers my senior year- I would pick recipes that were way too ambitious to get done by 6, so I would usually eat dinner at 8 with my very hangry roommates. And I loved cooking with Teddy, because it was fun and romantic, and our skills and weaknesses balance out well. I do the taste testing and seasoning, and Teddy does most of the chopping, since I’m clumsy and sometimes reckless around kitchen knives. The one chopping exception is onions. I somehow don’t cry when I’m chopping onions, so that’s my job.


Once, when I was trying to make crepes to order for 10 people for my roommate’s birthday (not my best idea), Teddy came to the rescue when I was about to lose my mind. He whipped out a second pan, and soon we had a crepe competition going on. He even managed to flip one without a spatula- on tape- and you can see my shocked face in the background. It’s one of my favorite cooking memories (it doesn’t hurt that those crepes were freaking delicious, if I do say so myself).


But at some point after I started cooking regularly, it went from fun creative outlet to daily chore. I miss baking cookies just because some friends came over to study, or picking a really complicated recipe that promises that a whole chicken will roast in 45 minutes, even though the last 5 took at least an hour. I miss inviting people over dinner after classes were over for the day.


I’m tired of being in a baking slump, so this weekend I’m going to make something just for fun (and to use all the blackberries I’ve been hiding away in my freezer). If it turns out well, you might hear about it sometime soon. In the meantime, here are some links that have helped kick my cooking mojo in gear:


-I don’t know about the goat cheese, but I am all about this recipe for oven pear chips.

-Molly made a homemade funfetti cake (with extensive sprinkle research!) and Michelle made chocolate frosting to put on top. Together I think they make the funfetti cake 12-year-old birthday dreams are made of.

-Christmas is coming, and I’m scheming about presents to buy and goodies to bake. I think these Brioche Cinnamon Rolls with Brown! Butter! Frosting might make an appearance at my Mom’s annual Christmas morning brunch.

Sticky Toffee Pudding is another Christmas-y, wintery dessert I’ve been wanting to try. It seems like one of those British desserts that belongs in a Dickens novel, even though it was invented in the 70’s. Weird!

-Speaking of British baked goods, someday I will write a post about food in Jane Austen’s novels. But until then, these crumpets look amazing!


Here are some other links I liked this week:


-This article is about longevity in blogging, but I think it applies to my struggle with practice and being diligent in other areas too. Let’s just say I’m working on it. There’s also a recipe for roasted cauliflower “rice,” which has me intrigued.

-Really inspired by this interview, and she seems like the nicest ever

-This is a really cool apartment, even if it’s not 100% my style (read: this girl is way cooler than me)

-Whenever I see photos of Tattly tattoos, I always want them, so I may finally jump the gun and order some! These are my current favorites: Cartolina blooms, I <3 you, and thinkin’ of a master plan

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