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This week was a weird one, and I’ve been kind of all over the place lately. In case you were wondering if Teddy is earning a medal for dealing with me on a daily basis, the answer is definitely yes. Since they’re out of medals (cough cough), I’ll buy him an extra big ice cream cone this weekend. I don’t know about you, but I need some time away really bad. Although I’ll miss this dumb-butt when I’m gone. (For the record that face either means “Mama, please stop singing,” or “Mama, your voice is so mesmerizing. Please don’t stop.” I’m going with the mesmerizing one, personally.)


I love love love this Non-Career Advice series, even though there are only two entries so far. Honestly I’m ready for some advice that isn’t telling me to kill myself trying to “get ahead.” That advice is pretty self-explanatory, and honestly who needs that? Screw that.

Here’s some other good advice that (while it might apply to job stuff as well) is really just good for life in general. More of this kind of advice, please!

-This description of the foggy island of new mommy-hood really resonated with me, even if I’m not a mom yet (unless you count my cat, which is definitely stretching it). Moving to such a big city has been really lonely for me so far, but I’m hoping to feel really at home here soon.

Fear is a Liar and 4 other sayings to keep you grounded.

Advice to College Grads. So helpful, even if you’re not a recent graduate. There’s some overlap, but these 10 Dos and Don’ts for a Simpler Life are pretty great too.

How to move to a new city (and not cry in a corner from loneliness). That title says it all.

-So if you read my last Weekend Thoughts post, you’ll remember that since my big move out west I’ve been feeling really lonely, and pathetic on top of that for feeling sad and lonely in the first place. Ugh. But I read this Ask Polly article about making friends in your 20’s and it made me feel so much better because apparently I’m not the only one dealing with this. Who knew? If you are also in the lonely boat, read this article (and then comment here. I’d love to have a virtual conversation with you.)


These links aren’t advice related, but they’re still fun:


-I’ve been feeling the itch to start dancing again, but my flat feet, weak ankles, and general clumsiness make me nervous. Maybe I can watch some Youtube videos…

-These cheese straws look ridiculously delicious! Different than the ones I grew up eating from a little local shop, but I think they’d be just as addictive.

-Thinking about adding this necklace to my Christmas list… I married into a family of geo-chemists / mineral collectors, and the shiny, pretty stones have definitely made an impression… the actual science, not as much.

-This video is so funny. Poor Gail.

-Love Marion’s art blog and her new side blog for her Lost Enchantor story is ridiculously cool. You should check it out!

-I mentioned birthday parties earlier this week, and then I saw this fun 33rd birthday party. I would love to have a fancy schmancy birthday party like that someday!

-I’ve pinned some really cute and styled studio spaces, but honestly I’ve been drawn to this really simple space lately. It’s a good reminder that even if I don’t have the most “Pinterest-worthy” apartment or office, I can still get good work and good rest done in my little apartment, crappy shower and creaky bed and all.

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