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Searching for Anne of Green Gables

This week was really long, but one of my college friends / bridesmaids was in town this weekend, so it’s been really great getting to see her. I’m going to keep this short and sweet this week, so here’s some things I’ve seen on the internets this week and thought were cool.


Pros & Cons of Blanket Coats:

Cons- maybe a little too close to the horrific ponchos I wore in middle school?

  • most of the coats I’m seeing online are a little out of my budget. I live in Texas and already have a perfectly decent coat, so do I really want to splurge on a trendy one?

Pros – a socially acceptable way to wear a blanket in public

  • not too hot for Houston and can be layered
  • socially acceptable blanket-wearing in public!

Verdict – A blanket sweater. Same comfy blanket-wearing possibilities, but with less risk of deciding it looks too much like a poncho and regretting it later (or at least less risk of feeling like I spent too much money on it).


Searching for Anne of Green Gables… I love this article, and I really want to do something like that now…


I love that LA has a “reading to kids” program… Houston has some similar programs (although I don’t know if they’re volunteer-based). Two of my favorites are the Page to Stage book club and the Summer Storytime Tours at Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts.


This sounds like such cool job… although I’m honestly like the kids who come home saying “I know what I want to be when I grow up!” (Just ask Teddy.) Recently I’ve wanted to be a bookstore owner, a restaurant and/or coffee shop owner, and now a community studio owner. Basically I want to do all the things, at the same time. Yikes!


If you liked the Inspiration board post last week, here are some other ideas / articles you might like: SMP Living From Pinterest to Picnic, Our Labor of Love’s Photo Board Generator


Anatomy of a Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed, and one of my favorite gift ideas- adding notes in a cookbook about your favorite recipes/ pictures.


Fall weather is slowly but surely coming to Texas, and scarves will be a great way to combat the slightly chilly temperatures. I want to add this scarf to my collection to celebrate.


I’m starting to collect prints and photos (like this one!) for a gallery wall above our couch, and I’m hoping to trek out to Teddy’s parents’ sometime soon so we can make this hanging rope shelf. It’s really simple, pretty, and won’t make tons of holes in our apartment wall!


I have some exciting plans for this wrapping paper.


This guy sounds like a gem. He’d probably be the one drinking in the corner and judging everyone for “having fun” and “not being cool enough” at your Halloween party.


I’m starting to think of Christmas ideas for family and friends, and I loved the idea of getting little beauty products for stocking stuffers and smaller gifts. I’m thinking about getting these soaps from a shop I found in Charleston over the summer.

I hope you have a good, relaxing Sunday night, and a great week!

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    1. You’re so welcome! I loved that post (and I love your blog- I’m a total sucker for picture books!) And I’m so excited about the wrapping paper, I’m wondering if my family would be alright with superhero paper for Christmas. Maybe not?

        1. Well it’s not very Christmas-y, but my brothers would probably appreciate that it wasn’t another snowman or Santa (nothing against Santas or snowmen, but pretty sure Batman is cooler than both haha).

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