Weekend Thoughts and Links

Cloudy Sunset View

The view from our trip to Central Market last night. The clouds were so cool! And they’ve already started decorating for Christmas in uptown Houston, and I’m already getting excited for Christmas. Don’t worry though, I won’t start playing Christmas until at least after Thanksgiving. Playing it before then drives me crazy.

I’m a little scatterbrained today (I think I’ve had a little too much caffeine for the day), so I’ll just leave you with some things that caught my eye this week:

I love Kelly’s DIY Strawberry Costume, and her costume prizes would be awesome for any Halloween party.

For anyone else who has problems finding a button-down shirt that won’t leave those awkward gaps at the chest, there’s now a handy guide. Finally!

I thought this behind-the-scenes look at wine making was really cool.

These kitchen organization ideas are killer. Definitely going to implement some of these next weekend.

I loved the home tour for this “mid-century whimsical” house, and even though I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of mid-century style, I can definitely get behind the whimsical part. Who doesn’t love unicorns wearing headphones?

Planning on making these chicken pot pies for dinner sometime this week.

This article about the job market for creative writing students (and humanities majors) is 100% accurate. Sorry, Tracy.

This interview about Brave is over two years old by now, but I still think the comment that the stakes wouldn’t be high enough if Merida wasn’t a princess is total bullcrap. And I really want to prove that wrong with Elsbeth .

Loved this interview with Katherine Sabbath, and I can’t wait for more from Coco Cake Land.

I hope you have a great week full of great snacks, movie nights, and some fun plans!

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