Weekend Thoughts / 38


My glamorous Sunday plans are a dead ringer for last Sunday’s — minus Teddy’s random t-shirt, which is now in the wash.


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all recovering from a sugary/ boozy Halloween! Teddy and I went as Calvin and Susie Derkins from Calvin and Hobbes, with Hobbes and Mr. Bun. Most people thought Teddy was dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z and had no clue who I was, but it was still fun.


Here are some of my favorite reads this week:


These Halloween cocktails are so fun! The gummy brain garnish is my faaavorite! I think they’d be great to have tonight when you’re eating all the discount Halloween candy. Because buying all the Reese’s at 50% off the day after Halloween is just smart.


Everyone has a few desserts that they always buy instead of making from scratch, right? I’m not a big macaron person, so I would never ever make them myself — I just don’t have the patience. Turns out, macarons are on Joy’s list of five baked goods she always buys, so that makes me feel totally validated.


I’ve been daydreaming a lot since I’m in between writing projects, so I loved Lucy’s post about daydreaming about the kind of writer you want to be. Her posts are always so smart and encouraging!


Molly has some great rules for pizza night. My favorite is that anything with cheese, tomato, and bread/ pasta counts on pizza night — even if it’s toast with melty cheese and a tomato. Genius! I’m thinking that I might need to establish a weekly pizza night.


I love baking with fruit, so when I heard that Yossy Arefi’s book Sweeter off the Vine is all about fruit desserts and is coming out next spring, I definitely got excited.


Chuck Wendig’s list of reasons you should do NaNoWriMo… and why you shouldn’t is great. It pretty much sums up all the reasons I decided not to do NaNoWriMo this year. For me, the huge goal is more stressful than inspiring — I’d be trying to stuff 6 months’ worth of work into 30 days — and I’m pretty sure I’d be a nervous wreck by Thanksgiving.


That being said, if you’re excited about NaNoWriMo, go for it! That’s totally awesome! I’ll be over here cheering you on while I watch the Great British Bake Off on Netflix.  


I hope you all have a great week! It’s officially the holiday season, and I’m really excited! I’m going to try to convince Teddy to let me put up Christmas decorations a little early this year…

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