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Last Week


Man, this has been a week! I loved having a long weekend, but it definitely messed with my inner schedule. I didn’t know what day it was half the time!


What have you guys been up to this weekend? I think I spent most of my Saturday at the grocery store or chasing this dumb butt away from the toilet. We tried out a new toilet bowl cleaner that’s turned the water Lysol-blue for over a week now. So now I have to make extra sure the toilet seat’s down so someone doesn’t drink any toilet water (Yum!). Tonks of course denies everything…


Who, me?
Who, me?



To make up for having to hear about my cat’s toilet-drinking habit, here are my favorite reads of the week:


1. I discovered this comic about Luna Lovegood through Brigid’s blog, and it’s suuuper cute.


2. Are you trying to think of some fun things to do this fall? Elsie and Emma have you covered — I’m thinking about trying a weaving project!


3. Ashley has been working on revamping her creative process, so she tracked how she spent her time with Toggl. I’m wondering if I should do the same thing, but I’m a little scared of what the results will be!


4. What’s your daydream dream job? Mine are: 1) English professor — for the cute “academic” outfits and getting to pick the books on the syllabus, obviously 2) Indie bookstore owner with a cafe in the back 3) Consultant for movies or TV shows (like the people doing historical research for Jane Austen movies) 4) Museum/ art gallery curator 5) Full-time novelist.


5. Nicole posted another literary city guide for Colorado, which is not helping the fact I’ve been daydreaming about visiting at least once a week.


6. Austin Kleon mentioned this comic about Hallie Bateman’s critic’s guide to NYC’s best climbing trees in his weekly newsletter. Are you getting it? You totally should!


7. I loved Chelsea’s post about the importance of supporting high school arts programs. I think it’s really cool that she’s helping out with her high school choral program!


8. 9/11 is always a sad day, but I try to remember the brave men and women — and dogs — that stepped up to respond. Reading about Bretagne the rescue dog was one of my favorite reads of the day.


There were a lot of comics this week! It makes me think I should include more art things in these posts…


What are your plans for this Sunday? I’m planning on baking up these scones later this afternoon. Teddy and I are trying out a bunch of vegetarian recipes this week. We’ll see if we stick to it for a whole week — hopefully we won’t cave and pick up Five Guys on the way home from work. 😉 I hope you all have a great week!

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