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The twinkle lights behind my apartment are my favorite.
The twinkle lights behind my apartment are my favorite.


How has your weekend been? Mine’s been pretty quiet, which is really nice because the past few weekends have been craaazy hectic. Honestly I haven’t even left the house today — I thought about it briefly, but then I checked my weather app and thought… Nah. So I’ve just been doing stuff around the house, daydreaming about novel things, and re-reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. It’s been a pretty great Sunday.


Here are some of my favorite reads from around the web this week:


1. Teddy and I have been talking about putting a vertical garden planter on our back porch, and this DIY guide from Emily Henderson is super cute (and simple!).


2. I love Cara’s dinner party inspired by various literary heroines (including Elizabeth Bennet, Hermione Granger, and Anne Shirley).


3. Kristen Kieffer just released her Novel Planner, which is a great idea! Her two-step method for finishing your novel is pretty awesome too.


4. I loved Kenzie’s take on the word slow —  being busy is “cooler,” but a lot of the time slowing down is better. I’m trying really hard to remember this.


5. Lately I’ve been really wanting to make my own jams and pickles, but I’m super intimidated by canning. I’m thinking about starting with refrigerator jams and pickles because you don’t have to worry about botulism. Yay! I’ve been really into blueberries lately, so these pickled blueberries are first on my to-be-pickled list.


6. This DIY Dolly Parton Bag is awesome! I love the polka-dot pattern Elsie used, and I have SO many ideas for pictures to use! (And only some of them are cat pictures…)


New Pages



By the way, I’ve updated my About page and added some fun new pages at the top of my menu on the home page, so if you’re interested feel free to check those out!


I hope the rest of your Sunday is a great start to your week! This weekend I’ve been trying to focus on self care and refilling my creative and emotional “wells.” (Is that a thing?) I’ve definitely been struggling with that lately, and if you have too, you should check out Amber’s vlog about restoration. It was a really good reminder to take a break this weekend.

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