Weekend Thoughts / 26

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It’s been kinda quiet on the blog front lately. We’re about 75% moved into our new place (it seems to take SO much longer when you’re moving close to home!), so we’re hoping to get the last few things moved over in the beginning of this week. Yay!


Besides moving, this week has been a really busy one. I reached the 40,000 word mark in my novel (woohoo!) and went out to dinner to celebrate — at a steakhouse that was rated #3 in the US by Food Network. Because when the #3 steakhouse IN THE COUNTRY is down the street from you, you have to go, right? I’m pretty sure it’s the law. Today we’re working on moving the last of the big furniture, grabbing dinner with family and friends, and then going to see The Pirates of Penzance. (My first time ever!)


Besides all the craziness around here lately, here are my favorite reads from around the web:


1. Sarah Von Bargen’s post about opting out of her book deal is so thought-provoking. It would be so hard to choose not to pursue a childhood dream, but it sounds like the perfect decision for her. I’m so impressed by her gutsiness!

2. In case reading Sarah’s (totally legitimate) qualms about focusing on a book made you nervous about your big project, Chuck Wendig wrote about the things you can control with your work in the publishing/ art worlds: think, plan, write, edit, repeat.

3. I’m not very familiar with Nordic baking, but this Blueberry Almond Custard Tart from Nordic Bakery (via Hummingbird High) has skipped ahead to the top of my to-bake list.

4. I’ve never been to Nashville, TN, which is especially embarrassing since I went to college just outside of Chattanooga. The Nashville Guide from A Beautiful Mess has me really jonesing for a visit now!

5. After reading Lucy’s recommendation of Wonderbook by Jeff Vandermeer, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. It sounds SO interesting!

6. I loved Nicole’s 10 Graphic Design Hacks. I have little to no design experience, and have been super intimidated about blogging lately because I’m so self-conscious about my graphics. I’ve been playing around with Canva and it’s pretty cool so far!

7. Have you seen Felines of New York? It’s pretty much my new favorite thing ever. Definitely a must-follow on Instagram!

8. Do you remember my post about hustling? Well, Ashley took those feelings and wrote about them much, much more eloquently and I want to hang it on my fridge. As cheesy as it sounds, it spoke to my heart in the best way.

9. Lucy’s post about embracing your strangeness is such a good reminder to be open to all of the things that influence/ inspire you — even if they’re not what the “cool kids” are inspired by. Definitely a good read!

10. Jordan’s Calligraphy Cake Toppers are super cute, and since they’re made with spray painted twist ties, it’s a craft even I can do!


What are you gals (or dudes) up to this week? I’m looking forward to cooking dinner in my new kitchen (!!!) and hopefully finding some patio furniture so we can drink wine on the porch. Whatever your plans are for this week, I hope you get a chance to drink a cold drink outside. (Bonus points if there’s a breeze!)

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