Weekend Thoughts / 25

My favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge from last week.
My favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge from last week.


Man, it has been a week, y’all. Getting ready for our move next week has been crazy, work has been crazier, and I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety on top of all of that. Whew! I’m so glad it’s the weekend! I’m excited for next week because I’m working on a post that I’m really excited about, and next weekend(!!!) I’ll be settling into our new apartment. I literally can’t wait!


Even though this week was kind of a bummer, here are 6 links from around the web that I really loved! I decided to change up the format of the list instead of grouping the links by “category,” so we’ll see how it turns out!


1. I loved Joanna’s piece about Misty Copeland — she’s so inspiring! It made me think about how my Mom wanted to be a Rockette, but was too short. Working against the “requirements” for a dancer’s body must have been so hard. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom — her dancing is beautiful!


2. Reading Abbigail’s update on her word of the year — Create — was such an encouragement. I think it’s so great that she’s able to celebrate her successes and cut herself some slack on the projects that have been pushed to the backburner. I love the idea of having a full year, because it leaves room for things that come up unexpectedly.


3. This tea party inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel is so cute! The DIY Mendl’s boxes are my favorite part!


4. Ashley’s 7 Tips for Organizing your Creative Space are so great because they’re realistic. Instead of advising you to go buy a perfectly pretty stapler and tape dispenser, she has designated spots for paperwork to live and less-than-cute office supplies to hide. Also, she says a trashcan is essential because if she doesn’t have one, her tissues and napkins will just take over her desk. I’m so with her on that one!


5. If you like to keep extra bottles of wine around the house (umm, guilty), here are some great tips on preserving wine — for one day to 10 years. I really liked the idea of buying a bottle from the year your child is born for them to drink on their 21st birthday, or to drink on a big anniversary.


6. I love Nicole’s post about the poetry of everyday kitchen routines. It made me really appreciate the rhythms of my kitchen a little more.


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and a great week next week! <3


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  1. Thanks for sharing, Tabitha! I’m trying to not be so hard on myself when life “gets in the way” of my goals. I suppose I wouldn’t have as much to write about or as much fun taking photos if life wasn’t this full.

    How about you – did you pick a word of the year?

    1. It’s so easy to get discouraged when life gets busy and you can’t focus on your goals/ projects! But it sounds like you’ve had a really good year so far!

      And I sort of unofficially picked the word practice — which ended up being a good fit because it keeps popping up in “regular life” and my creative projects. I’ve been trying to build good habits, and not get too down on myself if I slip up. Definitely a process!

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