Weekend Thoughts / 24

If you're ever at a Torchy's Tacos, get the Trailer Park taco (the one on the left) and get it trashy. You'll thank me later!
Latest obsession: the Trailer Park taco at Torchy’s Tacos. And if you “make it trashy” they put their killer queso on it. SO addictive!


How has your week been, friends? I’ve been dealing with some fun writer’s block which I think is mostly gone… for now. *knock on wood* I’m planning on talking about it more next week, cause it happens to everybody, right? And I think it tends to strike more often in the summer, when the warm weather rolls in and my brain suddenly turns off.


Speaking of warm weather, it’s officially summer, which means basil, which means PESTO! I made our first batch of Sarah’s Whole Wheat Pasta with Balsamic-Spinach-Basil dressing (which is sort of pesto, except… not really at all, actually). Not only is it delicious, but it makes me nostalgic for last summer, when Teddy and I first moved to Houston when we were first married. A year ago! It’s so crazy that it’s been a whole year!


Here are a few of my favorite reads from this week, under the cut:


Writing & Reading:


Thinking about self-publishing? Jenny Bravo gives a breakdown of the cost of self-publishing her novel These Are the Moments — it’s a really helpful guide to what things you can expect to pay if you decide to self-publish.


I loved this peek into the evolution of Princess Pinecone from Kate Beaton’s The Princess and the Pony. Also, how great is the name Princess Pinecone? It’s “like a floral name, but just a little pricklier.” I can tell I’m going to like this book.


Around the House:


This marble dipped ceramic vessel DIY looks perfect for me — simple, but with really cool results. I also love the short materials list. So many DIY projects require tons of weird materials that I’ll never use again — maybe it’s because I’m not a consistent crafter?


I think Sarah Rhodes’ digital photo shop is such a cool idea, and I especially love her black and white photos! I’m thinking about getting the B&W white oleander print to hang above our bed. Hopefully having a photo of a toxic plant above your bed isn’t a bad omen or something… 😉


Can we please talk about how cute Molly’s new chicks are?! Unfortunately I don’t think they would like apartment living — or my cat — very much.


In the Kitchen:


Sarah’s Iced Lemon Almond Bread is calling my name. I love the idea of mixing in blackberries or raspberries too!




I’m so inspired by Emily Schuman’s new Cupcakes and Cashmere clothing line! It’s always so cool to see her new projects — she thinks BIG and does things that I would never even dream of doing.


Elsie and Emma’s newest Sister Style is so cute! I love seeing how their outfits play off of each other in these posts.


I’m pretty sure this is the perfect summer uniform.


I hope you all have a great weekend, and a good 4th of July week!

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