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Yes Way Rose!


Hey friends! Are you excited for the three day weekend? I know I am!


This week was a pretty good one for me. I realized that in just over two months, I’ve written over 20,000 words for my novel. I was SO surprised and excited that I tweeted about it, and later I felt a little embarrassed. 20,000 words is maybe ⅓ of the amount of words I need for a novel. Was it silly to be so excited when I really hadn’t gotten very far?


Luckily I remembered Amber’s favorite ways to reward herself for reaching goals in her creative work, so I read it again. It was the perfect reminder that the Negative Nancy voice in my head is not cool and totally not fair to myself. I’m sure there are plenty of authors who can write better, faster first drafts than I can, but for me, 20,000 words is a big deal that deserves chocolate. So Teddy and I made a Wednesday night Target run to get chocolate (and kitty litter). And it was so great!


Writing & Reading:


Amber’s list of 5 ways we rob ourselves is sooo accurate for me. I’m particularly bad at dismissing compliments (and minimizing my own successes) and pretending those 5 minutes I spend on Instagram here and there don’t add up. Reading her post made me notice just how many times I check Twitter or Instagram when I’m feeling “stuck,” when I really should just keep pushing forward.


I never knew I needed a Star Wars and Princess Bride mashup until I read it. Someone please make this a video.


Around the House:


I feel like it’s pretty obvious that I love looking at pretty houses online, but thinking about decorating my own apartment is super intimidating. I’m really intrigued by Emily’s newest book, Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home and hoping it’ll give me some ideas for the new apartment.


Did you see Jacquelyn’s photo of the miniature pony foal? I’ve officially decided that I want a miniature pony farm when I grow up.


In the Kitchen:


I’ve never been to a Shake Shack, but I’m faking it with Deb’s Fake Shack Burger on Monday. Who else is excited for Memorial Day?


Molly always throws the cutest parties, and this macaron party looks so fun! Making macarons is pretty intimidating, so doing it in a big group would take the pressure off (because if you ruin yours you can always steal share someone else’s).


I always want to send care packages for my friends back home, but I’m the worst about going to the post office. It’s a problem. But I’m thinking if I make Melissa’s big batch of apricot muesli I’ll have no choice but to send it to friends. Would it be weird to send granola in the mail?


How was your week? I hope you have a great long weekend to recharge for next week!

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