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Portland Dreaming

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I have a serious case of the travel bug lately, and Portland is high on my list of places to visit. Especially since I follow Kelly Purkey and Michelle  from Hummingbird High on Instagram. They post the coolest photos of Portland, and I’ve been dying over how beautiful Portland is in spring. (Apparently flowering trees are few and far between in Houston, and it’s the thing I miss most about spring on the East Coast.)


Here are some fun things I’ve read on the internet this week:




Our first anniversary is coming up soon, so reading about Emily’s three-year anniversary has me all excited, even if we’re not quite that far along yet.


I love Elsie’s wallpaper picks, especially the swan wallpaper that’s removable?! Maybe I can convince Teddy to put it up in the bathroom?


In the Kitchen:


I love these DIY Spring Recipe Cards, and they got me thinking about how my favorite recipes are so disorganized — some in cookbooks, some in notebooks, some on Pinterest! Maybe I should just sit down and write them out on recipe cards? How do you organize your recipes?


Writing + Blogging:


I’ve been stuck in a bit of a creative rut recently, so if you’re in a similar spot, Trina’s experience with blogging (over 7 years!) is a really encouraging read.


Would you go on a DIY Writing Retreat? I think this sounds so fun!


An abandoned briefcase in Germany filled with photos and paraphernalia from an office affair  appears in a gallery exhibit 45 years later. Doesn’t that sound like the beginning of a mystery novel?


It might be weird, but I always like when designers/ stylists/ artists come up with an imaginary girl as the inspiration for their collection or design project. It’s actually not that different from creating a character. I totally want to steal Garance Dore’s Dream Girl’s Upstate outfit.


This week was really overwhelming, so I’m looking forward to a long, relaxing Sunday. I hope you have a fun Sunday so you can wake up swinging on Monday!

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