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Baby lambs


I got a chance to go to the Houston Rodeo championship last Saturday and it was so much fun, even though it rained the entire day! I tried a fried Oreo for the first time and saw the cutest calves, lambs, and piglets (and have about 1,000 photos on my phone to prove it). I had NO idea how big the Houston Rodeo is — the competition takes place in the Houston Texans stadium, so there were over 70,000 people there to watch. I could hardly believe it! If you’re ever in Houston in March, I definitely recommend buying a ticket. It doesn’t get much more “Texas” than the Houston Rodeo!


Here are some of my favorite links from the past week:



I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since the last time I was in Chattanooga! I’ll be back in June for a friend’s wedding, and in case I wasn’t excited enough already, Laura Gummerman’s post about her recent trip to Chattanooga has me full of nostalgia . Apparently a coffee shop called Milk & Honey opened after I moved away, so I’m definitely making a note to go there!


Speaking of trips, I heard a lot about Alpharetta, Georgia while I was going to school in Lookout Mountain, but I never made the trek to see it for myself. After reading about Tim and Shanna’s babymoon to Alpharetta it’s definitely on my list of places to visit.


Molly’s photos from her honeymoon trip to Europe are slowly killing me — I guess I caught the travel bug! Her photos from Lucerne  are absolutely stunning, and now I’m really curious about Swiss coffee.



I’m really excited for an Easter baking project that I’ll be working on this weekend, but in the meantime, I can’t get over how cute this Speckled Egg Cake is!


I’m usually pretty good at following recipes, but I’ve definitely forgotten a step and rushed to get an ingredient prepped and measured in time. Not fun. So when I saw that Emily mentioned  a how-to guide on reading a recipe, I thought why not? Turns out Joy has some great tips for reading recipes.


Writing & Creating:

I loved Laura Holway’s take on the importance of hobbies and just-for-fun projects.

I loved Cat Rambo’s Five Things I Learned Writing Beasts of Tabat, and I’ll definitely have to add her new book to my reading list!


And I can’t resist adding one more photo from the rodeo. This little guy was the most adventurous lamb, and he was climbing all over the hay bales and it was so cute!



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