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I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for spring! It’s going to be rainy this weekend, but after an unexpectedly sunny week I’m actually looking forward to cuddling up and having a quiet weekend in. There was so much good stuff on the internet this week (or internest, if you type too fast like I do). Here are some of my favorites:


Some bloggers/ bakers seem really intimidating, like if you baked something for them it had darn well better be perfect. But I’m pretty sure if you baked Joy Wilson a cake and it sank in the middle, she would give you a hug, put some ice cream in the middle, and eat it with you right out of the pan. She’s definitely one of my favorite internet people, and her guide for how to be a better baker is the next best thing to having her over for a baking date.


I’ve been on the look-out for gluten-free recipes lately because one of our church friends has celiac’s disease, and my Mom has been trying to eat less gluten because it affects her joints. These 9 Resources for Gluten-Free Cooking look like great places to start! First on the agenda: a gluten-free pie crust that doesn’t start with “Take 1 cup gluten-free flour…” Because that seems too easy somehow.


Joanna Goddard’s 4 year-old son Toby has always been curious about grown-up dates. So she brought him along on a date with her husband so he could see what it  was like, and it’s officially the cutest thing ever.


Who wants to have a DIY Graphic T-Shirt -making party with me?


Speaking of graphic shirts, these shirts with French sayings are so cute!


I really appreciated Chuck Wendig’s take on the fear that your story won’t be as good written down as it is in your head, because I’ve been dealing with that as I’ve started actually writing my novel.


Since I’ve been focusing on my writing lately, I’m craving a second creative outlet that’s just for fun. I’ve always loved watercolor painting, and after reading Mandy Kellogg Rye’s thoughts on her painting class with Britt Bass Turner, I’m thinking that it’s time to pull out my paint brushes again.


This home tour is super cute and livable at the same time, and I’m kind of obsessed with all the blankets, pillows, and fluffy rugs.

8 months in and I’m still getting used to this whole being married business. Emily’s Ten House Rules are really practical, and I definitely had some aha! moments while reading it. Plus any excuse to keep a bottle of champagne or our favorite wine in the fridge is good with me!

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    1. It was! I remember loving trips to “fancy” restaurants when I was little — even if I wouldn’t think they were fancy now. I think this would be a fun tradition! (Although obviously Moms & Dads need their own date nights too haha.)

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