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Mimi Thorisson's Roast Chicken with Creme Fraiche from A Kitchen In France
Mimi Thorisson’s Roast Chicken with Creme Fraiche from A Kitchen In France


Yesterday, I realized I have a problem. I have too many cookbooks.


I was reading Sarah’s blog post about the twangy blueberry sauce from Tara O’Brady’s new cookbook Seven Spoons, and by the end of the post she had me convinced that I needed that cookbook. Because I obviously need another one, right?


Last night I counted all the books on my cookbook shelf (yes I have a shelf just for cookbooks) and realized — I have 18 cookbooks. 18! And I’m sure I have at least one or two more floating around on my bookshelves that I forgot to include.



The worst thing about having so many cookbooks is that I really don’t cook from them very often. A few months ago I decided to cook more of the recipes from my Pinterest board, so I’ve been cooking at least one or two new recipes every week. It’s been really fun, but since I’ve been cooking so many recipes from my favorite blogs, my cookbooks have been sitting neglected on the shelf.


I definitely want to start cooking from them more, but a) some of them don’t really suit quick weeknight dinners after work (basically anything French or written by Thomas Keller) and b) I have such a hard time keeping up with favorite recipes. With Pinterest it’s easy because I can just move a new favorite recipe to my favorite recipes board, but I haven’t figured out how to organize physical recipes yet. I have the Moleskin Recipe Journal, but it doesn’t have enough space for longer recipes or for all the notes I’d want to add, so I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would. I’m thinking about photocopying the recipes and keeping them in a binder, but I don’t know if that’s practical.


For now I’ve been bookmarking the recipes I want to try, and next week I’m planning on putting one or two in the dinner rotation. I’m excited to give my cookbooks some much-needed attention! Although I’m not quite ambitious enough to try to cook through an entire cookbook in a year à la Julie Powell from Julie and Julia. Sorry, guys.


What about you? Do you cook more often from cookbooks or food blogs? How do you organize your favorite recipes? I’m all ears!


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