Looking Forward To — Summer + Ice Cream Sandwiches


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It’s already starting to feel like summer in Houston, and while I already miss the spring weather, I’m really looking forward to pooltime, summer thunderstorms, and ice cream! This is the first summer I’ve had an ice cream maker, so I’m SUPER EXCITED about eating homemade ice cream on the porch after dinner. I’ve especially been craving ice cream sandwiches lately, so here’s a round-up of all the recipes I’ve got my eye on:

I’ve been obsessed with chai lately, so chai ginger ice cream sandwiches sound amazing! Is it bad that I’m thinking about making them not vegan?

Just look at all these fancy ice cream sandwiches!

I bought Yossy Arefi’s Sweeter off the Vine a month ago, and I can’t wait to try these strawberry ice cream sandwiches with cocoa nib poppy seed cookies!

Would it be weird to eat gingersnap eggnog ice cream sandwiches in July? I can’t decide.

My grandma always made cracker cookies, so I’d bet money that these saltine crack ice cream sandwiches are to die for!

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how excited I am for peach season, so these peach gingersnap ice cream sandwiches sound perfect.

Have you made an ice cream sandwich with semifreddo before? It sounds really interesting…

This isn’t an ice cream sandwich, but I can’t get over Joy’s cream cheese red velvet ice cream. It sounds so over the top and amazing!

What about you? Do you have any summer food cravings?

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Looking forward to — Summer + Peaches

peach season
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I never liked peaches growing up. I would eat them in a peach cobbler, but I secretly cared more about the topping and the vanilla ice cream than the peaches. But now I can’t get enough of them. Isn’t it weird what you don’t like as a kid, and then fall in love with when you’re older?

Since I’m new to the peach dessert world, here are some recipes that sound perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon:

  • There are a lot of “best” recipes out there, but since the peach pie from A Couple Cooks is a family favorite and won a prize at the county fair, it really must be the best peach pie.
  • I’ve never had peach butter before, but it sounds amazing! (Also, how is peach butter not everywhere in Georgia? I went to college there for four years and never heard of it until I found it in the Smitten Kitchen archives!)
  • Deb from Smitten Kitchen loves peaches, and I’m hoping that these Almond-crisped peaches count as breakfast. Leftover fruit crisp is one of my favorite breakfasts!
  • Hummingbird High’s Blackberry peach pie combines two of my favorite fruits in one pie, so obviously I have to make it. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule written about it somewhere.
  • I’ve never been big on banana splits (I don’t know what’s wrong with me either), so these grilled peach splits from Smitten Kitchen sound like they’re more my speed. I bet they’d be amazing at a summer barbecue!

Do you have any favorite peach recipes? I’d love to hear about them!

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Weekend Thoughts / 36

Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.
Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.


Hey everyone, what are you up to this weekend? I’m crossing off an item on my fall to-do list and going to the Texas State Fair. I’m probably munching on something fried while I wait in line for the Ferris Wheel. So much fun!


Here are my favorite links for the week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 34

Teddy and I tried to eat vegetarian for a week... with mixed results.
Teddy and I tried to eat vegetarian for a week… with mixed results.


How is your Saturday going? I somehow managed to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls before my morning coffee, so that’s my biggest accomplishment of the day. (Let’s not talk about whether all the cinnamon rolls are the same size…)


If you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate on chores, here are some of my favorite internet reads of the week:

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Fake It Till You Make It: Fall Edition

This black n' blue pie from the Four & Twenty Blackbirds book was my goodbye to summer.
This black n’ blue pie from the Four & Twenty Blackbirds book was my goodbye to summer.


Disclaimer: if you’re in denial that summer is over and fall is on its way, you might want to stop reading now. Just look at the black n’ blue pie I made for Labor Day! So summery!


If you’re as excited as I am for fall, you can keep reading…




Sorry for yelling at you, but I really am that excited about Fall. June was fun, July was busy and stressful, and August was miserably hot, so I’m totally ready for fall. There’s just one problem — I live in Houston. And fall doesn’t start here until October (at best).


So I’m going to fake it. While some people are holding onto summer and making every summery dish they can, I’m already thinking about the two fruits (and a vegetable) that scream fall to me: apples, pumpkins, and pears.


Unfortunately pears aren’t quite in season yet (at least here) and Teddy gets pumpkin-ed out really fast. But we’re both apple fanatics, so I’ve been looking up all the apple recipes. Here are 5 6 7 that have made it to my to-bake list:


1. These apple and cheddar scones from the Smitten Kitchen are definitely happening this weekend. Who could resist scones that are “October on a parchment-lined baking sheet?” Not me!


2. Kristin’s boiled cider is addictive — it’s great in an apple pie, it’s great on ice cream, it’s great on a spoon… Trust me, you need to make this.  


3. Lately I’ve become the weirdo person who only has whole grains and coconut sugar in their pantry (who am I?!?), so these whole wheat apple muffins are right up my alley.


4. This apple almond tart looks delicious. (Also Sarah’s apple tartlets look so fancy with the melty whipped cream and caramel sauce. Yum!)


5. Emma’s baked cheesy apple sandwiches sound kooky and delicious. I think it’d be perfect with a cup of soup!


6. This cinnamon-sugar apple skillet cake sounds like the perfect cake for having friends over. Or the perfect thanks-for-having-us-over cake if you’re the guest. Both are good ideas.


7. I’ve always been intimidated by homemade doughnuts, but these apple cider doughnuts remind me of the maple doughnuts that people go crazy for in Virginia in February.


8. I couldn’t resist adding these pumpkin cinnamon rolls because guys — they’re pumpkin cinnamon rolls. Who can resist that? I’ll just have to sneak them past Teddy.


Do you have any end-of-summer or beginning of fall baking plans? I’d love to hear!

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Weekend Thoughts / 30

Latest Sunset


How was your week? It seems like everyone in Blogland is trying to hang onto summer at all costs, while I’m counting down to September and October. Fall is my favorite season, and it’s been so stinkin’ hot this month that I’m excited to finally be able to sit outside for 10 minutes without sweating. Dreaming big over here!


Here are some of my favorite finds from the internet this week:

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Baker Diaries #3: Whole Wheat Raspberry Ricotta Scones

Whole Wheat Raspberry Ricotta Scones


I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I did a Baker’s Diary post! These scones have been on my to-bake list for ages, so when I saw a quart of raspberries for the price of a pint (normally) I snagged them for these scones. I baked three the night I made them and froze the rest, and they bake up perfectly! These are definitely going to be a repeat offender in my kitchen because they were just that good. The best thing about them is that with the whole wheat flour you don’t have to feel bad about having two. 😉


One thing to keep in mind with this recipe is that the ricotta makes the scones extra moist and soft. I loved the moist texture, but if you know a scone purist they might say these aren’t “real scones” because they aren’t flaky. I’m not a scone purist, but I know people who are a little snobby about scones. True story, a guy I knew in college told me he didn’t like the lemon glaze on my lemon craisin scones because ” the scones at Oxford don’t have a glaze.” *insert eye-roll emoji* The best thing was, he was an American, so it wasn’t like he grew up eating English scones. He probably wouldn’t like these scones, but it’s ok. More for us!


Here are some notes I took about the baking process:

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Weekend Thoughts / 23

Photo taken by April B Photography
Photo taken by April B Photography


Today is a big day for Teddy and I — it’s our one year anniversary! It’s been a big, crazy year, and in some ways it feels like we’ve been married for years, and in others it feels like we got married last month. It’s been a huge adventure, and I’m so excited for what the next years hold in store for us!


Here are some links from this week — some sad, some happy, some silly. I hope you enjoy them!


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Baker Diaries #2



Guys, I made flatbread! On a Monday night after work, while we finished packing for our trip to Chattanooga, which is nothing short of miraculous!


And it was good, but kind of different than I was expecting. I was expecting a super crispy pizza crust-like texture, but instead it was more like a cracker. I definitely overbaked the first batch, so the second batch was better, but they were still a little dry. I’m not sure if it was a mistake or if they’re supposed to be dry and I should just use more honey next time. (Also, mine were definitely less pretty than Deb’s, so I’m thinking it might be user error on my part. Or maybe the white whole wheat flour threw things off?)  I think I need to make these a few times until I can get a feel for them — I usually make pizza dough or a yeast-bread, so flatbread is new territory for me.


But even if the texture was unexpected, the taste was great! I LOVED the combination of honey, sea salt, parmesan, and thyme. Adding just a dash of black pepper made all the flavors brighten up and now I won’t make them without it. (I wish I could take credit for the pepper idea, but that was all Teddy.) The flavor combination felt grown-up and fancy, and I think this will be a great addition to a wine and cheese party (once I get the dough down, of course).


Have you guys made flatbread before? This is my first time ever, but it was really fast and easy, so hopefully I’ll be making these a lot over the summer!

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Weekend Thoughts / 22

When "get cupcakes" is on your to-do list, it's a good weekend.
When “get cupcakes” is on your to-do list, it’s a good weekend.


Earlier this week I read this quote from Gemma Burgess’ Beauty Uniform interview over on Cup of Jo, and I loved it so much:


Sometimes, when I’m really stuck in my head on something I’m writing, I leave the house and stroll around Sephora, trying different things on the back of my hand. I like to think that pondering makeup employs the part of my brain that doesn’t think about work or my children, so those parts can kick back and recharge while the beauty brain wonders, in her silly shallow little way, “But am I feeling an orange lip?” (See? It’s practically meditative!)


I really like the idea of having a hobby/ interest that has nothing to do with your work. I love makeup, but lately I’ve been a little lazy — I’ve gotten my 4 product, 5-minute routine down to a science, so maybe I need to start experimenting again?


Here are some other cool things I read this week:


Writing & Reading:


I’m really inspired by Amber’s bullet journaling and dailies. I think this might work a little better for me than my quarterly goals currently are…




Isn’t Laura’s 60’s mod look (inspired by Meghan Draper) the coolest? I think A Beautiful Mess’ new Style Muse series sounds really interesting! (It makes me nostalgic for high school, when I was way more into fashion than I am now.)


Around the House:


How to choose a color story for your home — I need this because I tend to pick random things I like, and then hope they go together. (Spoiler alert: sometimes it works, but sometimes it really, really doesn’t.)


Decorating on a budget — so smart, although honestly I usually don’t have the patience to go thrifting. Maybe I should change that?


In the Kitchen:


I’ve started experimenting with savory baking (and baking with whole grains), and Deb Perelman’s flatbreads with honey, thyme, and sea salt are next on my to-bake list. Yum!

I’ll be out of town for most of next week for a wedding, so things will be pretty quiet around here (although I might pop in with a new Baker Diaries entry on Tuesday — we’ll see!). If you’re interested, you can follow along with me on Instagram — I’m planning on taking way too many pictures while I’m in Chattanooga.


I hope you all have a great week! I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on having lots of drinks with college friends! I’ll let you know how that goes!

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