Coffee Talk: October


I love Amber Thomas’ and Rachel Dawson’s monthly coffee dates, so I thought it might be fun if I joined in (a little belatedly). I think the structure is really fun, and I’m interested to play with it and see what happens.

If we were on a coffee date, I’d probably be late. Because honestly, I’m almost always late. I don’t have a great sense of time and I tend to try to do “just one thing” before I head out the door and then inevitably, I’m late. I’m trying to do better, but if I’m honest I’ve had an especially hard time getting out the door the past few months.

If we were on a coffee date, I’d apologize profusely for being late, and order my drink. A plain iced latte if we’re at Starbucks, but if we were at Minuti (a local Italian-inspired coffee chain that I LOVE) I’d get an iced chai. It’s creamy and cinnamon-y and not too sweet, which is perfect. But always iced, because it’s not quite chilly enough in Houston to drink something hot.

If we were on a coffee date, we’d have a lot of catching up to do. It’s been quiet around here on the blog, partially because I’ve been in a writing slump, and partially because I’ve been unsure what to do with this space. I’ve really struggled to find a focus, so for now I’ve decided to do more personal writing, since those are always my favorite blog posts to read. We’ll see where this goes!

If we were on a coffee date, I’d confess that I’m disappointed our Halloween plans fell through. I’m planning on wearing my costume next year, but it was just so good that I’m really disappointed that I can’t wear it this year. I’m planning on making peanut butter balls and eating them on the couch while we watch a movie instead. Reese’s is the only candy I’ve really missed since I’ve started eating low carb, so I’m excited to try making sugar-free peanut butter balls. Fingers crossed they turn out!

If we were on a coffee date, I’d remember that I started my low carb diet almost a year ago. And since then I’ve lost 46 pounds (so 55 pounds total since April 2015). I’m feeling pretty dang proud of myself! I’d probably also advise against a major dietary change the week of Halloween. Speaking from experience, it’s just not a good idea. 😉

If we were on a coffee date, I’d ask what your holiday plans are. Christmas is my very favorite holiday, so I love hearing about other people’s fun family traditions and disaster stories that are retold so many times they become legendary. My first Thanksgiving with Teddy’s family was a group Thanksgiving dinner with some people from their church who we’d never met. When we realized we were the first Huizingas to arrive, we were so petrified of knocking on a total stranger’s door that we parked down the street and hid in our car until Teddy’s parents came. Even after we were inside the conversations with the church group were SO awkward and the boxed-mix mashed potatoes were SO bad we decided next time we’d ask to have a family-only Thanksgiving. Teddy and I still laugh at that awkward first Thanksgiving as a married couple.

What about you guys? Can you even believe it’s already October?? Do you have any fun holiday traditions you’re looking forward to?

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October Round-up: Halloween Costumes

Grand Budapest costumes - Sugar and Cloth

Agatha and the Baker from The Grand Budapest Hotel: Sugar & Cloth


Are you guys excited for Halloween? Teddy and I are going to a costume party this weekend, but there’s a costume contest, so we’re keeping our costumes top secret. I’m not sure if we’ll win, but I’m excited that everyone will (hopefully) be able to tell what I am this year. Usually I pick a really random costume idea, and it’s hard to tell what I’m dressed as. This year I decided to do some costume research ahead of time. If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, here are some of my favorite costume ideas:

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Monday Thoughts & Links

Lettering Practice

I’m totally late on my Weekend Thoughts & Links post, but the words just weren’t coming the past couple of days, so I did other things. I painted (as you can see in the photo above – sorry for the wonky lighting!), read some Calvin & Hobbes, visited Teddy’s parents and pet an adorable puppy (that I contemplated taking home with me), got a pretty new lipstick, and ate some to-die-for filled doughnut holes from our favorite doughnut shop. Seriously, if you’re ever in the Galleria area of Houston make sure you go here – but make sure to get there early, or all the doughnut holes (and pretty much everything else) will be gone, as we found out when we brought some out-of-town friends there after church. Sorry Jennette and Nathan!

I really appreciated all those little things because I’ve been dealing with a case of the sads for the past few days, mostly because I’ve been feeling really homesick. Today I wanted to pack up and go back home, but that’s not really practical with jobs and leases. Also the thought of being stuck in a car for 20+ hours with my cat who HATES car rides isn’t particularly appealing. I also know that moving back to my hometown or my college town wouldn’t the same, because I’ve changed and people I’ve known have moved away. It’s been hard to deal with lately, because I still don’t feel at home here either. I’m hoping that will come eventually.

While this has been kind of a dreary Monday, I have seen some things around the internet that I’ve been inspired/ excited by (although this print pretty much perfectly sums up how I felt about this Monday).

I’m pretty sure I’m the only blogger who hasn’t talked about Halloween — not because I don’t like Halloween, but because Teddy and I will be stuck late at work that night and didn’t really have any set plans, so it was honestly hard to get in the Halloween spirit. But I’m going to pick out a pumpkin tonight, and Teddy and I are going to make a Halloweeny drink the night of – maybe with these Monster Cocktail Stirrers?

I’m officially in love with this dishtowel… I want to frame it.

Since it’s fall, it seems like the perfect time to learn how to braise.

I really want to be intentional with my shopping / clothing pieces, but I appreciate that Kelly doesn’t follow the minimalist thing with clothes. I love the thought of having a uniform, but I also like the idea of being prepared for different occasions/ weather conditions. Maybe it’s possible to have a happy medium?

I loved these photos of ballet dancers.

I like this 30th birthday party, and I think it’s nice that 30th birthday parties are kind of a thing. My roommates and I were convinced that our 21st birthday was the last birthday that would be really exciting, so I’m glad that your birthday-party-days don’t have to be over after you turn 21.

I love these Disguises Placemats, but it seems a little pricey for a paper placemat. I’m also really liking these striped placemats from West Elm, and the matching napkins. I think mixing and matching the dark blue and yellow colors together would be really pretty.

Both the hometown and dapper animals pillows are pretty awesome. They also have dapper animals plates!

This Monochromatic Monday from Camille Styles is beautiful, and totally matches the moodiness I want for the fiction story I mentioned earlier.

I hope you had a good Monday, and a great week! If your Monday wasn’t so great, I hope your week gets better! I’ll be hanging in there with you!

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