February Round-Up

Vinal Edge Records
Loved the posters outside Vinal Edge Records in the Heights. (And no, that’s not a typo.)


Happy first day of March everybody! I know it’s totally a cliche to say “I can’t believe it’s March already,” but since February really is shorter than the other months, I think we get a free pass on that one. February was also WAY better and WAY busier than January, so it seemed to go by in 2 days instead of 29.


Between double birthdays AND Valentine’s Day in the same week and a college friend coming to visit, it was a really fun month! But I’ve also been dealing waking up at 2 am with debilitating stomach problems once or twice a week, so that’s been not-so fun. I went in for an ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and tomorrow’s my follow-up appointment to see if it’s gallbladder-related. (We’re 99.9% sure that it is, but we’re not sure if I’ll have to have it out or not.) Hopefully we’ll have some more information tomorrow!


killer chai latte
Great chai latte from Coffeeshop Company


Luckily I didn’t have any gallbladder issues this weekend, because it was jam-packed! We played Top Golf, went to a new coffee place (that’s part of an Austrian coffee company!) where I got a killer chai latte. Then we went to see Deadpool for the second time, which I really liked. NOT kid-friendly, but really funny, and such a nice break from the super “gritty” superhero movies that are all the rage right now. (Seriously, is anyone else over all the superheros hating each other constantly? It’s getting soooo old!) If you’re worried that Deadpool will be too gory for you, I’m super squeamish and I still enjoyed it… although I did close my eyes a few times. So please don’t hate me if you go see it and you totally hate it!



Coloring chairs while watching carpenters make them on Ellen's Design Challenge.
Coloring chairs while watching carpenters make them on Ellen’s Design Challenge.


Between the busy moments, I’ve been journaling a lot, which is TOTALLY new for me. I’m usually the least consistent journal-er ever, but I’ve just been thinking of it as an “idea notebook,” so there’s less pressure to write a perfect description of every little thing that happened every single day. Plus I’ve been writing lists of good and bad things for each week, so I can look back and see good memories but also remember when I had that really bad gallbladder attack. So far it’s been working really well for me!


How are you guys doing lately? It’s starting to feel like spring here in Texas, which I am LOVING! Spring turns to summer really quickly here, so I’m trying to soak up all the cool breezes while they’re here. Speaking of Texas, I wrote a Houston City Guide over at The Collaboreat last month, and it was really fun! So if you’re coming to Houston soon, or just like reading about Texas, you should definitely check it out! 🙂


I hope you guys have a great week! xo

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Weekend Happy List

Treat Yo' Self


If you’ve been reading Eat Up, Buttercup for a while, you’ve probably seen my Weekend Thoughts posts. I loved writing those posts, but eventually I felt like I was linking to my favorite blogs and websites every week, which seemed really repetitive. I started thinking about ways to mix things up. I always love Jacquelyn Clarke’s Scenes from My Week posts, and recently I started using Food52’s Happy Lists as a journaling format (I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with a journal, so weekly lists work better for me), so I thought it’d be fun to share my weekly list with y’all! I’m excited to see what you think!

1/17/16 – 1/31/16

  • listening to the Force Awakens soundtrack
  • Tonks playing with her favorite ribbon
  • Food52’s 57 Small Things to do for Yourself this Year
  • Finishing 1099s at work!
  • bringing grainy, overcooked ice cream base back to life with an immersion blender
  • roasted Brussels sprouts with horseradish sauce — divine!
  • girl’s nights with lots of wine
  • a fun writing project I finished up last week
  • cleaning my apartment — I tend to be a messy person, but cleaning this week has been so freeing!
  • Bon Appetit’s article about Tara Jenson from Smoke Signals
  • playing with ABM’s new A Color Story app
  • lunch date with Teddy at Torchy’s Tacos for some killer queso
  • I’ve watched this video way too many times, and I’m not even a little bit sorry
  • This Captain America: Civil War and Taylor Swift mashup is AMAZING
  • I’m asking Teddy for this shirt for my birthday

What are you guys up to lately? I don’t know about you, but I am SO glad January is over! It was a rough month in a lot of ways, so I’m hoping for a better February. Hoping you guys have a great week!

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On Showing Up

Menger Bar
The bar where Teddy Roosevelt recruited the Rough Riders. No big deal.


Hi friends! I’ve missed you.


I’m in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing. The past few months have been hard, in a way that is no fun to write or read about — doctor’s appointments, financial reports, board meetings. I’ve been avoiding this space because I felt guilty for not writing, and the longer I didn’t write, the more daunting writing became. I almost decided to walk away from this blog forever.


But since it’s January, I decided to change up some things. Are you totally tired of reading other people’s New Years resolutions? I promise these will be quick:


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Weekend Thoughts / 39

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is killing me! One day I left work a little early and finally got to see the sunset!


October was a really hard month for me. I was stuck in a creative rut  and trying to figure out some weird health things so I was a lot of fun* to be around. (*Note heavy sarcasm) And then I started the Ketogenic diet the week of Halloween, so that was… interesting.


But good news is, the first week of November has already been way way way better than October! The transition to the Ketogenic diet has been going pretty well (besides the candy I ate on Halloween… and drooling over people’s desserts on Instagram). And I even have an outline for my second draft, so I’m hoping to start on that in the next couple of weeks!


It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, but I’m kind of ok with that. Sometimes I go through phases of wanting to write just for me, and none of it really seemed right for a blog post. I’m trying to give myself permission not to be super rigid about my blog schedule. That being said, I have some ideas I’m really excited about, so I can’t wait to share those with you!


In the meantime, here are my favorite reads from around the internet this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 38


My glamorous Sunday plans are a dead ringer for last Sunday’s — minus Teddy’s random t-shirt, which is now in the wash.


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all recovering from a sugary/ boozy Halloween! Teddy and I went as Calvin and Susie Derkins from Calvin and Hobbes, with Hobbes and Mr. Bun. Most people thought Teddy was dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z and had no clue who I was, but it was still fun.


Here are some of my favorite reads this week:

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October Round-up: Halloween Costumes

Grand Budapest costumes - Sugar and Cloth

Agatha and the Baker from The Grand Budapest Hotel: Sugar & Cloth


Are you guys excited for Halloween? Teddy and I are going to a costume party this weekend, but there’s a costume contest, so we’re keeping our costumes top secret. I’m not sure if we’ll win, but I’m excited that everyone will (hopefully) be able to tell what I am this year. Usually I pick a really random costume idea, and it’s hard to tell what I’m dressed as. This year I decided to do some costume research ahead of time. If you’re looking for some last minute inspiration, here are some of my favorite costume ideas:

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Weekend Thoughts / 37

Thursday's Sunset

Sunset photos are back!


Hey guys, how is your weekend going? It’s definitely gloomy and dreary here, which I actually don’t mind too much. (As long as it doesn’t flood — crossing my fingers!) It’s been kind of quiet here this week since Teddy was out of town for 3 days. Still jealous that he got to go to Denver, since I’ve never been, but he brought me back a squirrel mug, so that helped.


Here are some of my favorite reads from around the web this week:

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Coffee Talk: Roadblocks




If we were on a coffee date, I’d tell you that it’s been just over a month since I finished the first draft of my big novel project, and I am stuck.


I thought I might start working on a new novel project, but I couldn’t seem to make the story and characters come together. I thought maybe they just needed more time on the backburner, so I shelved that project and started to work on a second draft of my original project. There were some backstory elements that needed work, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get the pieces to fit. Nothing I was doing seemed to be working, and soon I was beyond frustrated and mentally exhausted. It felt like I was trying to punch through a brick wall with my bare hands.

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The Texas State Fair + My New Dream Job

Big Tex


When they say everything’s bigger in Texas, they really mean it. This fair is MASSIVE! It would take at least two days to see everything, but it was still a really fun Saturday.


The first thing we did when we got there was pick up a Fletcher’s corn dog. I almost never eat corn dogs, but it was so good! I think it might be the best thing I ate all day. We were standing underneath Big Tex, and I almost had a heart attack when I realized that its mouth was moving as it said, “Howdy, I’m Big Tex!” Then it turned its head and waved at me. Talk about nightmare-inducing!


But there were lots of fun things to see besides Big Tex. They had a “Food and Fiber” display where they showed the winners for the different craft contests. There was a massive butter sculpture, but all my photos ended up kind of… creepy. So I decided not to post those. There was also a whole wall of pickles and jam, and all sorts of needlework projects. My favorite was the needlework pastries. I couldn’t get over the cannoli!


Wall o' Pickles

In case you thought I was kidding about the wall of jam and pickles.


Needle point

Look at those needlepoint pastries! Brenda Flasowski has mad skills!


The Food and Fiber building was definitely fun, but my favorite part of the fair was the livestock barn. We happened to visit during feeding time, and we saw a bunch of miniature zebus who were waiting for their big show the next day. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a mini zebu, but they were so cute! I think my new imaginary dream job is to raise and show mini zebus. I mean, look at these faces and tell me they’re not adorable!


Mini Zebu

The younger zebus had teeny-tiny humps, and the older ones had big saggy humps. I think this one is a year or two old.



They were very polite, even though we interrupted their dinner. Rude!


Baby Zebu

I mean, look at this baby! I can’t get over it!


I also met these cute ladies named Cash Money and Miss Valentine. I knew that racehorses were given kooky names, but apparently dairy cows are fair game. Who knew?


Cash Money and Miss Valentine


After saying hi to the animals we walked over to the rides so we could g on the Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately the line was really long, so we went up to the observation tower instead. I was bummed about missing the Ferris Wheel, but that just means I have to go back next year, right?


Ferris Wheel


What about you? What’s your favorite part of the State Fair?

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Weekend Thoughts / 36

Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.
Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.


Hey everyone, what are you up to this weekend? I’m crossing off an item on my fall to-do list and going to the Texas State Fair. I’m probably munching on something fried while I wait in line for the Ferris Wheel. So much fun!


Here are my favorite links for the week:

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