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Tonks' favorite spot
Somebody is really liking the view.


Confession time: I’m soooo excited that it’s almost August. July has not been my favorite month because I’ve been moving for the past three weeks. I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but Teddy was out of town for over half of July, which was stressful enough without me trying to move… by myself. Yeah, that went really well.


Semi-miraculously, I’m still on track with my novel, but this blog has been a little neglected recently. And I’ve been so stressed/ busy/ thinking about apartment stuff non-stop that my brain is feeling a little fried. So I’ve decided that August is going to be a month of settling into the new apartment and refilling my creative and emotional wells that so desperately need it.



But in the meantime, since I’ve been thinking about curtains and bed frames and closets non-stop this month, I figured it might be fun to talk about my inspiration for the NEW APARTMENT. *Cue confetti* Because while moving hasn’t been very fun, I really am so excited and grateful to settle into my new space. So, first things first, let’s start with the…


Living Room:


Living Room Inspiration
Sources: black bookcase, desk, gray couch + plants, gray couch + cushions

Right now our living room is a little moody and slightly masculine, and I’m not mad about it. The room gets the best light in the apartment (with perfect windows for Tonks to peek out of) and opens to our patio area. I’m hoping that it’ll be comfortable, cozy, and fun.




Bedroom Inspiration
Sources: picture as headboard, mismatched pillows, gust room colors


The bedroom is the trickiest room for me to wrap my head around. It doesn’t get as much light as the living room, and most bedrooms I see online are either bright and airy or super moody with black walls. Neither of those will really work with our space, so I’m trying to create a cozy room that feels really relaxing. I also have a linen closet that I love, but it feels really bulky in the room, so I’m trying to decide what to do with it.




Sources: dark cabinets, kitchen rug, stove top, kitchen island
Sources: dark cabinets, kitchen rug, stove top, kitchen island


Most kitchens you see on Pinterest have white subway tile and all white cabinets, which are nice… but my apartment has dark cabinets and darker gray granite countertops. I’m actually ok with it, and I recently found out that Teddy absolutely HATES white tile (so weird, right?) so it works pretty well for us. So I had to hunt a little harder for inspiration photos that fit my kitchen better, but I think it’ll be really cute! I’m also in love with the kitchen island, because I’ve never had one before and it’s so roomy! I’m already getting excited for my first baking session.




Sources: Toshiko Shek's home tour, Laura's porch,   DIY pergola, DIY porch pillows
Sources: home tour, Laura’s porch, pergola, DIY porch pillows


Guys, I’m soooo excited to have a patio! It actually runs the width of our entire apartment, so there’s so much space! There’s a nice sunny corner we plan to fill with herbs and flowers, and a shadier spot that’ll be a great seating area once we buy some patio chairs. We also have a really nice view of the courtyard, so I’m beyond excited to sit there on Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee!


I’m so excited about my new apartment, and I’m not moving for at least 2-3 years. *knock on wood* Once we’re a little more settled, I’ll try to take some photos and show you what it looks like!

Do you like decorating? What do you think about interior design blogs? I go through phases of loving them and then getting frustrated/ bored with them, and I think I’m in the bored stage right now… Maybe it’s because they only show spaces that are perfect/ photoshop them to death so that they look perfect to “inspire” you, and that’s not really helpful for me.


(By the way, If you’re interested in reading more about my apartment hunting process, check here and here.)

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