Fall/ Winter Reading List + My Writing Uniform

It’s been  rainy and dreary here in Houston the past few days, and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and read, binge-watch Gilmore Girls, and write. I finally got a Houston Public Library card yesterday, so I was able to load up on some of the books on my fall reading list, even if it’s almost too late to have a fall reading list. Here’s what I’m excited to read lately:

 Fall Reading List

{Amy Poehler: Yes, Please; Emily St. John Mandel: Station Eleven; Jeffrey Overstreet: Auralia’s Colors; M.L. Longworth: Death in the VinesMichael Chabon: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and ClayNeil Gaiman: Stardust}


I’m kind of excited that I don’t have any plans for this weekend besides reading, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, Skyping a friend, and writing. I plan on wearing this pretty much all weekend:


My Writing Uniform


{Rowley Glasses + Sweater: Wit & Delight, by Melissa Oholendt, Epic sweatshirt: J. Crew, High Waisted leggings: H&M}


Some variation of a comfy sweater + leggings is my writing/ weekend uniform of choice. It’s comfy and cozy and perfect for when I know I’m not going to go out and see anyone, so I can wear my ugly-comfy sweater if I want to. Also, high waisted leggings because I hate when my leggings don’t stay put. But, if you want to feel a little fancier, you can wear a fancy robe like this one, or this one (despite its ridiculous name). I got one from some of my friends at my lingerie shower, and it’s one of my favorite things. I think it can give a washed up 40’s screen siren / Miss Havisham vibe, which would be fun if you want to pretend to be Zelda Fitzgerald for the day.


What are you reading/ writing this week? I’m excited to do some more work on my plot and characters and maybe write some more story blurbs. I started writing some this past week, but I felt overwhelmed by how much I still don’t know, so I decided to keep up with the writing while I work out some of the details. Anyone who’s doing NaNoWriMo, how’s it going? I found this article about  ways to get inspired even if you’re not joining in, and I thought it was pretty great.

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