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I recently found out about I Believe in Story, by Maria Vicente, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs. I read her Literary Bucket List, and it got me thinking about what would be on my literary bucket list.

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Join a Book Club. This was on Maria’s bucket list as well, but I’ve been wishing I could join a book club for a while now. I never had time during school (although I went to a few writing club meetings my senior year), but I think it’d be so fun to meet up with friends for drinks and snacks and books. I heard that a local bookstore holds a monthly book club, so I might pop into a meeting or two and see how it goes.

Write a novel. This has been on my bucket list since sixth grade, and it’s probably the most intimidating item on my bucket list. Luckily middle-school-me was smart enough not to demand it be the next Great American novel. I’m actually leaning toward children’s literature, since it makes up a good chunk of what I read on a regular basis (I’m on a Harry Potter kick at the moment).

Be a guest on a late-night talk show. This is mostly a goofy goal (especially since I rarely actually watch late night talk shows), but I always thought it would be really fun to get dolled up and go joke around and tell funny stories. Jimmy Fallon would probably be my top pick for this, especially after reading this article. I’d love to do a lip sync battle too, but I could never top Emma Stone.

Write a cookbook. This is actually even more intimidating than writing a novel in some ways. I tweak recipes from time to time, but I’ve never developed a recipe from scratch before. So this is definitely a maybe-sometime goal.

Have my own library. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this dream since I first saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Have you seen Jenny Komenda’s bookshelves from Little Green Notebook? They are beautiful, and I love the rolling ladder. These work spaces are pretty inspiring too, although some of them are so messy that I get stressed out just imagining trying to find anything. I tend to be a messy person, but I have nothing on Alexander Calder.

The most feasible item on my literary bucket list is also fairly challenging- write (at least a little bit) every day. It really is all about keeping up the momentum, and I’m doing my best to turn off my editor’s brain and just write. The editing can come later, but for now, I’m trying to just write as much as possible.

So what about you? Do you have a bucket list? I’ve been thinking about all the recipes/ cooking techniques I want to try, so I may have to write out a Culinary Bucket List soon.

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