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Hey guys! It’s been a while! What started out as a break after my gallbladder surgery ended up stretched waaaay past that. I had been feeling frustrated about my blog/ blogs in general, so I think I needed a break to clear my head.

Since we haven’t talked in awhile, I thought it’d be fun to update you on what I’ve been up to. Lately I’ve…

  • Gone to two weddings. One for my college roommate, and one for Teddy’s high school friend. Both were really fun, but man, those wedding weekends take it out of ya! We had to wake up at 3 am on Sunday to make our flight home, and I’m still recovering.
  • Had my gallbladder removed. And I feel sooo much better! I’m getting more sleep (you know, when I don’t have a 5 am flight) and it honestly makes such a huge difference! I can also eat normally again, without having to worry about my gallbladder throwing a temper tantrum because I ate cheese.
  • Fallen in love with making my own flower arrangements. I haven’t had the best luck with keeping a plant alive, but I’ve been getting better at keeping cut flowers looking fresh for as long as possible. Progress?
  • Worn my favorite jeans non-stop on the weekends. I fit into them again (!!!) and summer’s coming fast, so I’m wearing them before it gets too hot to wear anything but shorts.
  • Speaking of summer, I’m planning on stocking up on these muscle tanks. I love that I can wear them with a sweater for work and by themselves on the weekends. Plus, I’ve been trying to learn more about ethical clothing, so I like that they’re made ethically in the US. (Without the huge price tag that usually goes with ethical clothing!)
  • Snuggled with my doofus cat on the couch every night. Since our last trip she’s decided that 4 am is breakfast time, so I’m hoping her inner clock will go back to normal soon.
  • Been drinking lots of coffee. I’d cut waaaay back on it, but lately that’s gone out the window. Ooops!
  • Brainstormed 16 blog post ideas on the plane! I always thought I was a night owl, but I’ve noticed that I tend to be most productive in the mornings. Who am I?
  • Been daydreaming about summer. I’m ready for swimming and drinks on the back porch and our second anniversary!

What have you guys been up to lately? I’d love to hear!

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