Hustling vs. The Slow Burn


Kirby Cove, CA


Are you a hustler? I’m sure you’ve seen all the handwritten notes on Instagram that tell you to hustle, hustle, hustle to get where you want to go. I totally agree that there are times you have to hustle your booty (to meet a deadline, to get the last cupcake, to finish last-minute packing…), but most of the time, I’m not a hustler.


When I was in college, I disliked small daily projects, and hated busy work with a passion. I would much rather write a ten page paper than tweet about the book we’re reading (yes, one of my professors made us do that) or do a dumb worksheet. Some of my classmates thought I was crazy, but I loved having a month or two to really dig into a big project.


Ironically, now my job is full of small daily projects, but I still feel the same way about my creative work. For a while, I tried to stick to a really strict blogging schedule while writing at least 350 words a day. But when I started feeling burned out, I realized that wasn’t working for me.


So I cut myself some slack. I try to post here three times a week, but sometimes I only post once or twice. I try to write 350 words of my story every week day (sometimes I write a lot, other times I can barely hit 200 words). I’m trying to keep up a slow burn, instead of a constant hustle.


I can only imagine how tricky it is if you work in a creative business! I see some people on Instagram or Twitter talking about how they’re hustling (for the 10th picture/ tweet in a row) or talking about how they really need a rest but they’re pushing through it. I secretly think those people need a nap and a cookie.


I wonder if being a hustler is more about personality types — I know people who hustle all the time, and they love it. What do you think?

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