Gift Guide: For Your Knitter Friends

Knitter Gifts



When I started thinking about gifts for people I know, I realized that my Mom, Grandma and almost all of my friends knit or crochet (or both). So here’s some ideas for the knitter in your life, whether they just started or they’re an advanced knitter.


Winter is Coming Knitting Bag– This is especially great if your knitting friend is a Game of Thrones fan, but even if they’re not, they’ll love this funny, motivational bag.


Crochet with One Sheepish Girl– I’ve been following Meredith’s blog, One Sheepish Girl, for a while now, and she has the cutest crochet designs. Her book of original crochet patterns came out recently, and I think it’d be perfect for a beginner or expert. Her designs are cute and quirky, and definitely unique.


Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Pin– This isn’t exactly knitting-related, but I love this pin. I think it’d be great to pin on a knitting bag, or on your favorite handmade sweater. After all, there’s always money in the banana stand.


Ceramic Yarn Bowl– I can’t be the only knitter who’s accidentally sent a ball of yarn spinning across the room. These little bowls are specifically made so you can pull your yarn out as you work, without having to chase your yarn around the room.


Custom Knitting Labels- You can choose your own super cute graphic, font, and text, so you can make custom labels for that special knitter in your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll get one in a scarf or sweater knitted for you.


You could also pick out some hand-dyed yarn in their favorite color (there are tons of sellers with really pretty yarn on Etsy, like Dyeabolical Yarns or Knit Stitch), or a cool mug for tea or coffee to fuel their knitting projects (plus a mug to fit their hand-knitted mug cozy, obviously).


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most experienced knitter, but I think there’s something on this list for the knitters on your list, whether they’re really experienced or not. What about you? Do you have any knitter-friendly gift ideas?

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