Weekend Thoughts / 39

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings is killing me! One day I left work a little early and finally got to see the sunset!


October was a really hard month for me. I was stuck in a creative rut  and trying to figure out some weird health things so I was a lot of fun* to be around. (*Note heavy sarcasm) And then I started the Ketogenic diet the week of Halloween, so that was… interesting.


But good news is, the first week of November has already been way way way better than October! The transition to the Ketogenic diet has been going pretty well (besides the candy I ate on Halloween… and drooling over people’s desserts on Instagram). And I even have an outline for my second draft, so I’m hoping to start on that in the next couple of weeks!


It’s been pretty quiet around here lately, but I’m kind of ok with that. Sometimes I go through phases of wanting to write just for me, and none of it really seemed right for a blog post. I’m trying to give myself permission not to be super rigid about my blog schedule. That being said, I have some ideas I’m really excited about, so I can’t wait to share those with you!


In the meantime, here are my favorite reads from around the internet this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 38


My glamorous Sunday plans are a dead ringer for last Sunday’s — minus Teddy’s random t-shirt, which is now in the wash.


Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all recovering from a sugary/ boozy Halloween! Teddy and I went as Calvin and Susie Derkins from Calvin and Hobbes, with Hobbes and Mr. Bun. Most people thought Teddy was dressed as Goku from Dragonball Z and had no clue who I was, but it was still fun.


Here are some of my favorite reads this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 37

Thursday's Sunset

Sunset photos are back!


Hey guys, how is your weekend going? It’s definitely gloomy and dreary here, which I actually don’t mind too much. (As long as it doesn’t flood — crossing my fingers!) It’s been kind of quiet here this week since Teddy was out of town for 3 days. Still jealous that he got to go to Denver, since I’ve never been, but he brought me back a squirrel mug, so that helped.


Here are some of my favorite reads from around the web this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 36

Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.
Sometimes you just need to read an old favorite.


Hey everyone, what are you up to this weekend? I’m crossing off an item on my fall to-do list and going to the Texas State Fair. I’m probably munching on something fried while I wait in line for the Ferris Wheel. So much fun!


Here are my favorite links for the week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 35

Treat Yo' Self Flowers

I’ve been waiting for dahlias to come to my local grocery store, so I snagged these when I saw them Thursday.


How was your week? It went by super quickly for me, and I have a feeling it’s because our office went to an Astros game Wednesday afternoon. And I really enjoyed it, even though I’m the least sporty person in the world. The odds of me watching a baseball or football game by myself are slim to none, but I really like going with friends and family — it’s the perfect excuse to eat snacks, drink beer, and cheer on your local team. I also loved that the Astros stadium has a roof that can open and close, so it was actually cool despite the 90’s temps that day. I like watching baseball much much more when I’m not all hot and sweaty. 🙂 My mom loves watching baseball, so I think we’ll have to take my family whenever they come to town.


Besides watching baseball, I read Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want by Anne Sage, and I really enjoyed it! I loved the stories about women using design to maneuver a transition, unwind from busy lives, or bring their families closer. I’m pretty interior-decorating-illiterate, but I’m really inspired to look at my apartment in a whole new way.


Here are some of my other favorite reads this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 34

Teddy and I tried to eat vegetarian for a week... with mixed results.
Teddy and I tried to eat vegetarian for a week… with mixed results.


How is your Saturday going? I somehow managed to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls before my morning coffee, so that’s my biggest accomplishment of the day. (Let’s not talk about whether all the cinnamon rolls are the same size…)


If you’re looking for an excuse to procrastinate on chores, here are some of my favorite internet reads of the week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 33

Last Week


Man, this has been a week! I loved having a long weekend, but it definitely messed with my inner schedule. I didn’t know what day it was half the time!


What have you guys been up to this weekend? I think I spent most of my Saturday at the grocery store or chasing this dumb butt away from the toilet. We tried out a new toilet bowl cleaner that’s turned the water Lysol-blue for over a week now. So now I have to make extra sure the toilet seat’s down so someone doesn’t drink any toilet water (Yum!). Tonks of course denies everything…


Who, me?
Who, me?



To make up for having to hear about my cat’s toilet-drinking habit, here are my favorite reads of the week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 32

Last Friday Night
My Novel Planner from Kristen of She’s Novel came yesterday, so that quickly became my Friday night plans.


How are you lovely folks doing this week? Right now I’m contemplating getting a second cup of coffee before the day really starts. Lazy Saturday mornings are my favorite, especially if they kind of turn into a lazy Saturday afternoon. Later I have some around-the-house stuff to do and lots of writing, but for now I’m really enjoying looking out the window at my thriving basil plant and dead mini rose plant. (RIP!)


Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? I’m (very nervously!) trying it for the first time ever. I’m hoping to finish up the last 4 chapters of my current project by October 15, which will give me a short breather before the craziness of NaNoWriMo starts. If you’re thinking about joining in too, you should read Nicole’s post about why she decided to plot out her NaNoWriMo project instead of jumping in head first. She has some super good novel-planning ideas!


Here are some of my other favorite reads from around the web:


1. Jen made a reading nook for her daughter, Parker, and it’s so cute. One of the things I’m most excited about for my future kids is teaching them to read.


2. I’ve been baking with whole grains lately, and I was super excited when Emma posted a recipe for whole wheat flatbread! I’ll definitely have to try these out soon!


3. I feel like I’ve posted something from Joy every week lately, but I can’t help it, because she is KILLING IT. She turned Ina Garten’s “Engagement Chicken” to “Slight Fear of Commitment Chicken” and the results are both hilarious and tasty-looking. I could definitely use some “I Folded my Laundry like an Adult” chicken in my life.


4. This looks like the perfect Fall outfit — at least if you live in Texas. Does it mean I’m finally getting used to Texas weather if I’m picking out “Texas fall” outfits?


5. September 1st always makes me think of Harry Potter’s rides on the Hogwarts Express and the Sorting Feast. If you want to try Harry’s favorite treacle tart for yourself, you should check out Emma’s recipe from Poires au Chocolat — it’s awesome!


6. Indie bookstore owners/ employees talking about why indie bookstores are thriving is the BEST.


7. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to watch this video of puppies playing with the new BB-8 toy 57 times.


What are you guys up to on this long weekend? I have big plans to make a pie for Labor Day, inspired by this black and blue pie I saw on Deb Perelman’s Instagram. Sorry in advance if I post 20 photos of it!


I know lots of people are sad about the end of summer, but I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Sweaters, hot chocolate, cozy blankets, and no more 100+ degree temps are making me SOOOOO excited for fall. Whether you’re psyched or bummed about the end of summer, I hope you guys have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Weekend Thoughts / 31

Caught this little Derp Face during her "kitty yoga" session and I still can't stop laughing.
Caught this little Derp Face during her “kitty yoga” session and I still can’t stop laughing.


Good morning, lovelies! How was your week? For me it was one of those weird weeks that’s not particularly busy but goes by SUPER fast. All of a sudden I blinked and it was Thursday, and I wasn’t quite ready to post any of the blog posts I’ve been working on. Sorry it was quiet around these parts this week!


This weekend I’m planning on *finally* unpacking the last few boxes from the move. Please tell me I’m not the only one who procrastinates on unpacking the things you don’t need right this second, but don’t want to donate/ throw away either? I know this is the most first-world of first-world problems, so hopefully I’ll get my rear in gear today.


Here are some of my favorite reads from the interwebs this week:

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Weekend Thoughts / 30

Latest Sunset


How was your week? It seems like everyone in Blogland is trying to hang onto summer at all costs, while I’m counting down to September and October. Fall is my favorite season, and it’s been so stinkin’ hot this month that I’m excited to finally be able to sit outside for 10 minutes without sweating. Dreaming big over here!


Here are some of my favorite finds from the internet this week:

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