Baker Diaries #2



Guys, I made flatbread! On a Monday night after work, while we finished packing for our trip to Chattanooga, which is nothing short of miraculous!


And it was good, but kind of different than I was expecting. I was expecting a super crispy pizza crust-like texture, but instead it was more like a cracker. I definitely overbaked the first batch, so the second batch was better, but they were still a little dry. I’m not sure if it was a mistake or if they’re supposed to be dry and I should just use more honey next time. (Also, mine were definitely less pretty than Deb’s, so I’m thinking it might be user error on my part. Or maybe the white whole wheat flour threw things off?)  I think I need to make these a few times until I can get a feel for them — I usually make pizza dough or a yeast-bread, so flatbread is new territory for me.


But even if the texture was unexpected, the taste was great! I LOVED the combination of honey, sea salt, parmesan, and thyme. Adding just a dash of black pepper made all the flavors brighten up and now I won’t make them without it. (I wish I could take credit for the pepper idea, but that was all Teddy.) The flavor combination felt grown-up and fancy, and I think this will be a great addition to a wine and cheese party (once I get the dough down, of course).


Have you guys made flatbread before? This is my first time ever, but it was really fast and easy, so hopefully I’ll be making these a lot over the summer!

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