Auf Wiedersehen, 2014

Favorite 2014 Blog Posts

I can’t believe 2014 is already over! It’s been a year of big changes, and I’m looking forward to see what the new year will bring — hopefully lots of writing, reading, good meals, and trips to visit family and friends! I’m still mulling over my New Year’s Resolutions, so for now I thought I’d share my 10 favorite posts from 2014:


Jammy Dutch Baby


Brunch for Two

Because it’s a fun tradition that I’ve fallen out of, and would love to pick up again.


Treacle Tart (Attempt #1)


Treacle Tart and House Elves

Because I don’t track page views, but this post wins most spammy comments, hands-down. Also, I really like what I wrote, despite the funny note-to-self that slipped through the editing process. Oops!


Elsbeth Inspiration board


Sketchy: Character Development

I’m currently feeling really good about my story idea, and my Pinterest board storyboarding is still going strong. So much work ahead, but (hopefully) fun work.


Harry Potter


Dear Reader: Harry Potter Re-Read

Falling in love with Harry Potter all over again, and trying to decide how I feel about Dumbledore.


Apple Pie Two Ways


Apple Pie Two Ways

My two favorite apple pie recipes. There are no fancy lattice-tops or crimped edges, but they’re addictive.


30 Rock - Season 7



Some angsty feelings here, about being part of a generation that’s mocked pretty much incessantly for not knowing how to navigate a world that’s changing everyday.




The counter to angsty feelings and homesickness, being thankful in a new town, in a new life.


Yellow Deli


My Writing Life

A little explanation of where I’m coming from as a writer.


Santa Monica


Pics or It Didn’t Happen: LA

My first travel post for the blog! It was a fun trip and a fun post to write, so hopefully there will be more travel posts in the coming year!


Food Blogger collage


Resources: My 10 Favorite Food Blogs

Secretly my favorite post, my oversharing tendencies are used for good here. Food blogs that are great for worldbuilding, photography practice, and recipes.


Auf Wiedersehen, 2014. It’s been real. Here’s to a full, happy 2015! I hope you have a Happy New Year’s Eve and relaxing New Year’s Day!


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