How to Survive an Out-of-Town Wedding Weekend


Since I’ve moved to Texas, I’ve flown back to the east coast for 3 friends’ weddings. I LOVE weddings, but between the long security lines, waiting for connecting flights, and getting the rental car (the bane of my existence), those wedding weekends can really take it out of you! Here are some tricks I’ve picked up along the way that I’m definitely going to use for the next out-of-town wedding. I thought since it’s wedding season, maybe they’d be helpful for you guys too!

  • Buy a pack of water bottles on the way to the hotel. This might sound weird, but it’s really easy to get dehydrated while you’re running around all weekend, which will make you even more exhausted. We try to get a 24-pack for the two of us and we’ve always used them up by the time we check out on Sunday.
  • Pick a hotel close to the action. This might seem like a “No duh” point, but we made this mistake TWICE when we went to weddings in Chattanooga. A 5-minute drive to the hotel from the reception is much nicer than a 45-minute drive. Also it’ll be more convenient if you’re close to friends who live in town or are visiting for the wedding.
  • Pack light. I tend to overpack because I want to be prepared for totally ridiculous scenarios anything. But I’ve discovered that packing my wedding outfit + a comfy travel outfit + a cute outfit, with one or two extra shirts or sweaters gives me plenty of options without weighing down the suitcase. Also I try to wear one pair of comfortable shoes and pack the nice wedding shoes, because those are the only ones I’ll actually wear.
  • Bring melatonin and/ or anything that helps you sleep. You need all the sleep you can get while you’re traveling, but it can be hard to fall asleep in a strange hotel room. So download a white noise app on your phone and bring that embarrassing t-shirt or stuffed animal that always helps you sleep better. No judgement! Also don’t make the same mistakes we made and forget melatonin! We get a slow release pill that helps us stay asleep and *usually* doesn’t give us crazy dreams. 
  • Hand sanitizer! We’ve all been in a gross airport or gas station bathroom. After one particularly gross gas station that didn’t sell soap or hand sanitizer, I always keep a mini bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse, and it’s a total lifesaver.
  • Emergency kit: Your emergency kit might look different than mine, but I always have Excedrin for migraines, Aleve or Tylenol for minor headaches or pain, chapstick, bandaids, pads, hair ties, and bobby pins.
  • Bring something fun for the airport. You never know how long you’ll be waiting for your flight, so I try to pick up a magazine in the  airport so I have something new to read. I look forward to it before it every flight.

Do you have any travel essentials I missed? How do you cope with whirlwind travel days?

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Looking forward to — Summer + Peaches

peach season
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I never liked peaches growing up. I would eat them in a peach cobbler, but I secretly cared more about the topping and the vanilla ice cream than the peaches. But now I can’t get enough of them. Isn’t it weird what you don’t like as a kid, and then fall in love with when you’re older?

Since I’m new to the peach dessert world, here are some recipes that sound perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon:

  • There are a lot of “best” recipes out there, but since the peach pie from A Couple Cooks is a family favorite and won a prize at the county fair, it really must be the best peach pie.
  • I’ve never had peach butter before, but it sounds amazing! (Also, how is peach butter not everywhere in Georgia? I went to college there for four years and never heard of it until I found it in the Smitten Kitchen archives!)
  • Deb from Smitten Kitchen loves peaches, and I’m hoping that these Almond-crisped peaches count as breakfast. Leftover fruit crisp is one of my favorite breakfasts!
  • Hummingbird High’s Blackberry peach pie combines two of my favorite fruits in one pie, so obviously I have to make it. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule written about it somewhere.
  • I’ve never been big on banana splits (I don’t know what’s wrong with me either), so these grilled peach splits from Smitten Kitchen sound like they’re more my speed. I bet they’d be amazing at a summer barbecue!

Do you have any favorite peach recipes? I’d love to hear about them!

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Flower arrangement

Hey guys! It’s been a while! What started out as a break after my gallbladder surgery ended up stretched waaaay past that. I had been feeling frustrated about my blog/ blogs in general, so I think I needed a break to clear my head.

Since we haven’t talked in awhile, I thought it’d be fun to update you on what I’ve been up to. Lately I’ve…

  • Gone to two weddings. One for my college roommate, and one for Teddy’s high school friend. Both were really fun, but man, those wedding weekends take it out of ya! We had to wake up at 3 am on Sunday to make our flight home, and I’m still recovering.
  • Had my gallbladder removed. And I feel sooo much better! I’m getting more sleep (you know, when I don’t have a 5 am flight) and it honestly makes such a huge difference! I can also eat normally again, without having to worry about my gallbladder throwing a temper tantrum because I ate cheese.
  • Fallen in love with making my own flower arrangements. I haven’t had the best luck with keeping a plant alive, but I’ve been getting better at keeping cut flowers looking fresh for as long as possible. Progress?
  • Worn my favorite jeans non-stop on the weekends. I fit into them again (!!!) and summer’s coming fast, so I’m wearing them before it gets too hot to wear anything but shorts.
  • Speaking of summer, I’m planning on stocking up on these muscle tanks. I love that I can wear them with a sweater for work and by themselves on the weekends. Plus, I’ve been trying to learn more about ethical clothing, so I like that they’re made ethically in the US. (Without the huge price tag that usually goes with ethical clothing!)
  • Snuggled with my doofus cat on the couch every night. Since our last trip she’s decided that 4 am is breakfast time, so I’m hoping her inner clock will go back to normal soon.
  • Been drinking lots of coffee. I’d cut waaaay back on it, but lately that’s gone out the window. Ooops!
  • Brainstormed 16 blog post ideas on the plane! I always thought I was a night owl, but I’ve noticed that I tend to be most productive in the mornings. Who am I?
  • Been daydreaming about summer. I’m ready for swimming and drinks on the back porch and our second anniversary!

What have you guys been up to lately? I’d love to hear!

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