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Tonks' favorite spot
Somebody is really liking the view.


Confession time: I’m soooo excited that it’s almost August. July has not been my favorite month because I’ve been moving for the past three weeks. I know it sounds totally ridiculous, but Teddy was out of town for over half of July, which was stressful enough without me trying to move… by myself. Yeah, that went really well.


Semi-miraculously, I’m still on track with my novel, but this blog has been a little neglected recently. And I’ve been so stressed/ busy/ thinking about apartment stuff non-stop that my brain is feeling a little fried. So I’ve decided that August is going to be a month of settling into the new apartment and refilling my creative and emotional wells that so desperately need it.


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Weekend Thoughts / 26

Pappas Bros.


It’s been kinda quiet on the blog front lately. We’re about 75% moved into our new place (it seems to take SO much longer when you’re moving close to home!), so we’re hoping to get the last few things moved over in the beginning of this week. Yay!


Besides moving, this week has been a really busy one. I reached the 40,000 word mark in my novel (woohoo!) and went out to dinner to celebrate — at a steakhouse that was rated #3 in the US by Food Network. Because when the #3 steakhouse IN THE COUNTRY is down the street from you, you have to go, right? I’m pretty sure it’s the law. Today we’re working on moving the last of the big furniture, grabbing dinner with family and friends, and then going to see The Pirates of Penzance. (My first time ever!)


Besides all the craziness around here lately, here are my favorite reads from around the web:

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Weekend Thoughts / 25

My favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge from last week.
My favorite view of the Golden Gate Bridge from last week.


Man, it has been a week, y’all. Getting ready for our move next week has been crazy, work has been crazier, and I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety on top of all of that. Whew! I’m so glad it’s the weekend! I’m excited for next week because I’m working on a post that I’m really excited about, and next weekend(!!!) I’ll be settling into our new apartment. I literally can’t wait!


Even though this week was kind of a bummer, here are 6 links from around the web that I really loved! I decided to change up the format of the list instead of grouping the links by “category,” so we’ll see how it turns out!


1. I loved Joanna’s piece about Misty Copeland — she’s so inspiring! It made me think about how my Mom wanted to be a Rockette, but was too short. Working against the “requirements” for a dancer’s body must have been so hard. Make sure to watch the video at the bottom — her dancing is beautiful!


2. Reading Abbigail’s update on her word of the year — Create — was such an encouragement. I think it’s so great that she’s able to celebrate her successes and cut herself some slack on the projects that have been pushed to the backburner. I love the idea of having a full year, because it leaves room for things that come up unexpectedly.


3. This tea party inspired by The Grand Budapest Hotel is so cute! The DIY Mendl’s boxes are my favorite part!


4. Ashley’s 7 Tips for Organizing your Creative Space are so great because they’re realistic. Instead of advising you to go buy a perfectly pretty stapler and tape dispenser, she has designated spots for paperwork to live and less-than-cute office supplies to hide. Also, she says a trashcan is essential because if she doesn’t have one, her tissues and napkins will just take over her desk. I’m so with her on that one!


5. If you like to keep extra bottles of wine around the house (umm, guilty), here are some great tips on preserving wine — for one day to 10 years. I really liked the idea of buying a bottle from the year your child is born for them to drink on their 21st birthday, or to drink on a big anniversary.


6. I love Nicole’s post about the poetry of everyday kitchen routines. It made me really appreciate the rhythms of my kitchen a little more.


I hope you all have a relaxing weekend and a great week next week! <3


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Hustling vs. The Slow Burn


Kirby Cove, CA


Are you a hustler? I’m sure you’ve seen all the handwritten notes on Instagram that tell you to hustle, hustle, hustle to get where you want to go. I totally agree that there are times you have to hustle your booty (to meet a deadline, to get the last cupcake, to finish last-minute packing…), but most of the time, I’m not a hustler.


When I was in college, I disliked small daily projects, and hated busy work with a passion. I would much rather write a ten page paper than tweet about the book we’re reading (yes, one of my professors made us do that) or do a dumb worksheet. Some of my classmates thought I was crazy, but I loved having a month or two to really dig into a big project.


Ironically, now my job is full of small daily projects, but I still feel the same way about my creative work. For a while, I tried to stick to a really strict blogging schedule while writing at least 350 words a day. But when I started feeling burned out, I realized that wasn’t working for me.


So I cut myself some slack. I try to post here three times a week, but sometimes I only post once or twice. I try to write 350 words of my story every week day (sometimes I write a lot, other times I can barely hit 200 words). I’m trying to keep up a slow burn, instead of a constant hustle.


I can only imagine how tricky it is if you work in a creative business! I see some people on Instagram or Twitter talking about how they’re hustling (for the 10th picture/ tweet in a row) or talking about how they really need a rest but they’re pushing through it. I secretly think those people need a nap and a cookie.


I wonder if being a hustler is more about personality types — I know people who hustle all the time, and they love it. What do you think?

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