Weekend Thoughts / 13

Photo courtesy of Camille Styles
Photo courtesy of Camille Styles


My office was closed for Good Friday, and I am LOVING this long Easter Weekend! Thursday was my first really crummy writing day in a while, so I took Friday off for writing too and spent most of the day hunting for inspiration and reading through some of my new cookbooks to bookmark the recipes I want to try first. I’m hoping taking a the day off will help me jump back into writing mode.


What are your Easter plans? Teddy and I bought ourselves some Easter candy for tomorrow morning, and then we’re going out for brunch after church. It might be the laziest most laid-back way to celebrate Easter ever, but I’m honestly really excited to have a simple Easter celebration. If you’re in a pinch for last-minute Easter ideas, I have some ideas for you, plus some other links from the past week.




If you need some last minute Easter basket ideas, these modern Easter baskets are fun and won’t require a trip down the Easter candy aisle.


These DIY Easter Egg ideas don’t use any dye, so there’s way less mess – perfect for some last minute Easter Egg decorating.


This pastel Easter tea is gorgeous, and I’ve filed it away for future Easter celebrations. I bought a white rabbit from Target, and that’s about it for my Easter decorating. Oops.


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On the Hunt



Earlier this week I talked about my goal to make smart purchases, so I thought I’d talk a little more about that. Capsule wardrobes are all the rage lately, and I’ve been really inspired by Caroline of Un-Fancy. While I haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, I am making baby steps. I’ve been adding unworn clothes to the donate pile and coming up with a wishlist of items that I can mix with what I already have.


So far it’s been really helpful to live with the holes in my closet for a while so I know exactly what I need, instead of shopping with a vague list. When I’m more prepared, I’m less likely to get distracted by something with florals or stripes (although let’s be real, it still happens). I’ve also been inspired by the Essential Pieces series from Camille Styles, so instead of picking up the first available option, I take my time looking for the shoes or clothing with the best fit and the best quality. This slower approach to shopping helps me find the perfect one — or at least as close to perfect as possible!


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